Leclerc’s surprising reaction to Alonso’s F1 contract extension

Fernando Alonso’s recent decision to extend his tenure in Formula 1 has elicited a tepid response from fellow driver Charles Leclerc, as Alonso nears his 43rd birthday. While Leclerc’s feelings are mixed, Alonso’s choice is fully supported by Pedro de la Rosa, a close ally and team ambassador at Aston Martin.

Pedro de la Rosa expressed great enthusiasm about Alonso’s decision to stay, as reported by Marca sports newspaper. “I am very happy about Alonso’s renewal,” he stated. He further highlighted the significance of this development, remarking, “It is great for Formula 1. Let’s not forget that Fernando was thinking about retiring.”

De la Rosa elaborated on Aston Martin’s commitment to Alonso, despite his age nearing 43. “Aston Martin is committing to a driver who is (almost) 43-years-old. Because they don’t care about age – only performance,” he explained. He confidently predicted, “I think he will still be competing at 45,” adding that such dedication and experience are reminiscent of racing legend Fangio’s career.

On the other side, Charles Leclerc, a 26-year-old Ferrari driver, has also secured a new, lengthy contract extension. However, he shared with Italian media that he doubts he will continue racing in Formula 1 as long as Alonso plans to. Leclerc acknowledged Alonso’s exceptional skill, stating, “Fernando is one of the most talented drivers on the grid and he deserves his place in Formula 1.” Yet, he also noted the challenges of maintaining a balance, “But there are so many young people who also deserve a place. It’s not easy to find the balance.”

Leclerc further disclosed his own career aspirations beyond Formula 1. “Most likely, I will not be here until 43 years of age, as much as I would like to. I want to try other categories, definitely including Le Mans,” he concluded.


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