Logan Sargeant’s 5kg gamble: Bigger, stronger, faster?

Logan Sargeant, the American driver who made his rookie debut with Williams in 2023, has made headlines not just for his driving but for his significant physical transformation over the winter break. After a challenging first season, where he struggled to match teammate Alex Albon’s performances and faced a particularly tough time at the scorching Qatar GP—culminating in a retirement due to heatstroke and severe dehydration—Sargeant has emerged in 2024 visibly bulkier, having added 5 kilograms of muscle to his frame.

During the unveiling of Williams’ 2024 livery in New York, Sargeant shared insights into his off-season regimen, focusing on both mental and physical self-improvement. “I feel more prepared than ever to take the step that I know I can take,” he told Marca, a Spanish sports daily. This newfound physicality, Sargeant believes, is crucial to overcoming the challenges he faced last year, particularly those moments when exhaustion impacted his performance both on and off the track.

The addition of muscle mass is a deliberate strategy for Sargeant, aimed at bettering his control and endurance during races, acknowledging the physical demands of driving modern, heavier F1 cars. “Physically I was not in the place I needed to be and I have done everything I can to get myself ready,” he admitted, signaling a renewed focus on his fitness to complement his driving skills.

Alex Albon, Sargeant’s teammate, commented on the unusual aspect of a Formula 1 driver actively gaining weight, noting the physical differences between them that make such a strategy more viable for Sargeant. “Logan is about 7 or 8 centimetres shorter than me, so he can afford to gain those 5 kilos,” Albon explained. He highlighted the fine balance drivers must maintain between building muscle and ensuring it doesn’t hinder their speed on the track, a balance that’s more challenging for him due to his height and weight being at the limit for F1’s rigorous standards.

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