Marko comments on Aston Martin’s bold bid for Adrian Newey

Dr Helmut Marko, the strategic mind behind Red Bull Racing, has chosen not to refute claims regarding Aston Martin’s ambitious attempt to entice Adrian Newey, the renowned F1 designer, with a lucrative offer. Newey’s genius has been pivotal in Red Bull and Max Verstappen’s extended period of supremacy in Formula 1, especially with the design of the 2024 championship-leading car.

Attributing the success to the collective effort at the Red Bull factory, Newey, aged 65, acknowledged the team’s contribution in Diario Sport, a Spanish publication. He stated, “It’s a credit to everyone who works at the factory. We have a fantastic team of engineers whose enthusiasm, drive and creativity are responsible for what you see here before you.”

Amidst this backdrop of acclaim, Newey has been associated with ongoing controversies and power disputes within Red Bull’s ranks. Robert Doornbos, a former driver for the team, discussed with Ziggo Sport the speculation around Newey’s relationship with team principal Christian Horner, suggesting, “Everyone thinks he’s Horner’s best friend, but he doesn’t want to be involved in this (saga) anymore. What I’ve heard is that he won’t renew his contract. And that’s a big thing, because if he stops at the end of 2025, where does that leave them for the new era?”

In response to queries about Aston Martin’s purportedly ‘astronomical’ bid for Newey, Mike Krack, Aston Martin’s team leader, firmly denied such propositions with a “No, no.”

However, Marko, embroiled in the internal conflict with Horner, openly acknowledged Newey’s coveted status in the Formula 1 design realm. “He is a highly sought-after designer,” he admitted. “He is the one that everyone wants to have. I don’t think it was the first offer he’s received and I don’t think it will be the last.”

Newey, for his part, remains enigmatic about his future plans, focusing instead on his current contentment and relationship with the team. During his time at Suzuka, he remarked, “I don’t tend to plan things too far in advance. As long as I continue to enjoy myself and the team loves me, I will continue doing it for the moment and then we will have to see what the future holds.”


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