Max fans getting bored with his dominance

A Dutch media outlet is suggesting that even the fervent Orange Army is beginning to display signs of ‘saturation’ as Max Verstappen continues his dominant run in Formula 1.

In F1 2023, Verstappen has elevated his dominance to unprecedented levels, securing his third consecutive World Championship title with an impressive 17 wins out of 20 grand prix races. This remarkable achievement surpasses his own record from 2022 for the most wins in a single season, with a streak of 10 consecutive victories setting a new standard.

However, Dutch newspaper De Limburger is sounding a note of caution, detecting a shift in attitude among Verstappen’s home support. Despite calls from F1 pundits to appreciate the brilliance behind Verstappen and Red Bull’s dominance, some still maintain that this one-driver masterclass is not conducive to the overall health of Formula 1.

As a national icon in the Netherlands, Verstappen draws immense support from his Orange Army, which fills the grandstands at European race venues to cheer him on. Yet, De Limburger contends that the novelty of Verstappen’s F1 dominance may be wearing off, even among his most dedicated fans.

“The fact that even Max Verstappen’s most ardent fans are showing signs of saturation is a sign of the writing on the wall,” asserts the outlet.

Verstappen, despite being met with boos after the United States Grand Prix, has been vocal about those who express a desire to see him lose. After Red Bull’s only defeat in F1 2023 in Singapore, he commented, “For me, it was just we got beaten, in a very clear way. I don’t think about what is good for Formula 1. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad what was happening to Formula 1 because we were just better than everyone else. And if people can’t appreciate that, then you’re not a real fan.”

With two rounds remaining in F1 2023, Verstappen is poised to end the season as the favorite with 19 wins. However, the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix, making its debut, introduces an element of uncertainty to the equation.

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