McLaren keeping engine options open for 2026

Zak Brown is keeping an open mind about the identity of McLaren’s next engine supplier.

Currently, the Woking based team uses a customer Mercedes power unit on a contract that runs until the end of the current rules period to 2025.

Beyond that, there is talk of a reunion with Honda, as the Japanese manufacturer is staying in Formula 1 for the all-new 2026 rules while Red Bull moves to a Ford collaboration.

There have also been rumours that Brown, the McLaren CEO, recently visited the new Red Bull Powertrains facility.

“We are very happy with Mercedes,” he insists. “We still have time to decide what we want to do for 2026 and beyond.”

Another new engine manufacturer intending to race in 2026, in works collaboration with Sauber, is Audi.

“I think it’s good for Formula 1 that there are so many brands that want to come in,” Brown said. “It clearly shows the growth of the sport.

“It’s definitely something that Andrea (Stella) and I are discussing. But we’re in no hurry and we’re happy with Mercedes so we’ll see how it plays out next year before we make a decision.”

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