McLaren may switch to papaya livery

McLaren may switch to papaya livery

McLaren is seriously looking at changing their F1 car’s colours to a papaya orange livery from 2018, says the team’s racing director Eric Boullier.

The team’s fans have been calling to get back to this particular livery. Their requests doubled after seeing Fernando Alonso sport the same colour during his Indianapolis 500 race earlier in the year.

“We are seriously considering it,” Boullier said via Marca. “It is very possible that we will change next year.”

McLaren is the biggest F1 team in the world and has won 20 constructors’ championships to date. After three years of failed partnership with Honda, the British team is switching to Renault power from the next season and is hoping to return to its dominating days.

The team has been working closely with the French engine maker to get a good start in 2018. There have been a few issues to get around. However, overall, Boullier is happy with the collaboration between the engine supplier and his team.

“It has been a very fluid change, it is something that we are pleased about,” he said.

“We are very well organised, and the job is almost finished. Now it is just a matter of development and performance.

“The changes have motivated the team and everyone at McLaren is looking forward to being in Melbourne.”

McLaren is looking at Red Bull as a benchmark since the Austrian team also runs on Renault engine. Red Bull is launching their car earlier than usual to give them time to sort out any bugs before the pre-season testing starts.

He added: “I don’t know what Red Bull will do in the winter, of course, and there will be some changes.

“They are a reference point for us. Our goal is to be in a position to challenge them next year.”

It will be interesting to see if McLaren gets out of the Midfield and challenge the big three or if they will continue to progress slowly in their ranking.

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