McLaren’s move: Why Norris’ contract length is another F1 secret

In a move mirroring Ferrari’s recent contract announcement with Charles Leclerc, McLaren has re-signed Lando Norris to a “multi-year contract” extending beyond 2025, but the exact duration remains undisclosed. McLaren CEO Zak Brown, quoted by Auto Motor und Sport, hinted at the strategy behind this secrecy: “We want to give our opponents as little information as possible.”

This lack of clarity on contract lengths seems to be a new trend in Formula 1, as noted by Corriere della Sera, which states, “He who has a treasure, holds that treasure tightly.” The paper speculates that Norris could be with McLaren for at least four more years, a sentiment echoed by Auto Motor und Sport.

The decision to retain Norris appears driven by a desire to protect a valuable asset within the team. “It takes little imagination to realise that Zak Brown and team boss Andrea Stella wanted to prevent this rough diamond from escaping,” Corriere della Sera opined, noting Norris’s impressive record of zero wins but seven second places had attracted attention from teams like Red Bull, Audi, and Ferrari.

However, Norris himself reveals there were no substantial talks with other teams, largely due to McLaren’s upward trajectory in recent times. Reflecting on the team’s progress, Norris said, “A year ago I might not have made this decision. But now it was easy for me.”

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