Mercedes strikes back: Snatches key Ferrari talent

In a bold move countering Ferrari’s acquisition of Lewis Hamilton for the 2025 season, Mercedes has retaliated by securing the services of Simone Resta, a prominent engineer from Ferrari, previously lent to the Haas team. This development has been reported by La Repubblica, an Italian news outlet.

As Mercedes welcomes Resta into the fold as their new strategic development director, it’s clear he won’t be arriving alone from Ferrari’s ranks to Brackley. “Also flying with him to Britain will be Enrico Sampo,” confirmed Alessandra Retico, signaling a significant talent shift to Mercedes.

However, the traffic isn’t one-way. Loic Serra, formerly Mercedes’ performance chief, will be making his way to Ferrari, joining forces with Hamilton next year.

Sky Italia has noted that due to standard ‘gardening leave’ policies, the transition for both Resta and Sampo to Mercedes roles will only commence in 2025, marking a notable anticipation in the F1 landscape’s strategic alignments.


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