Mick’s Alpine detour: Does Le Mans help or hinder F1 career?

As Mick Schumacher takes a sidestep into the world of endurance sports cars with Alpine, the question arises: Does this move help or hinder his Formula 1 career? Former F1 driver Christian Danner has a clear stance on the matter, asserting that endurance sports cars and Formula 1 are “entirely different leagues of motorsport.”

In an interview with sport.de, Danner emphatically states, “Driving in the world endurance championship is 100 percent not a ticket back to Formula 1 – under no circumstances.” This perspective challenges the notion that success in one discipline can seamlessly lead to opportunities in the other.

Instead, Danner believes that Mick Schumacher’s retention of his Mercedes reserve role for 2024 offers a more viable path to Formula 1. “That means if (Lewis) Hamilton or (George) Russell cannot race and he is allowed to step in, that is at least an opportunity for a Formula 1 recommendation again,” Danner explained.

Formula E, the all-electric racing series, doesn’t hold the key to a seamless transition either, according to former F1 winner Robert Kubica. Despite receiving offers from Formula E teams, Kubica declined them, emphasizing his preference for cars that make noise.

“I had several offers and turned down a lot of money,” Kubica, the LMP2 class champion of 2023, admitted. “But for me, a competitive car has to make noise.” His candid analogy comparing Formula E cars to “making love to a blow-up doll” amusingly underscores his sentiment.

Meanwhile, Kubica’s friend and fellow racer Fernando Alonso has his own plans for Le Mans, possibly with none other than triple world champion Max Verstappen as his teammate. Verstappen revealed their discussions at the Honda Thanks Day in Japan, hinting at a potential Le Mans partnership with Alonso. “He said he’d just want to do it with me, so I told him that would be great.”

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