Norris’ cheeky clue to McLaren’s game-changing innovation

The 2024 McLaren launch sent a ripple through Formula 1, with the team teasing a potential game-changer in their pursuit to topple giants Mercedes and Ferrari and challenge Red Bull more closely. Despite the fanfare, the Woking-based outfit chose to play its cards close to the vest, withholding a glimpse of what could be a groundbreaking technical innovation.

In a bold move that has sparked intrigue and speculation, McLaren’s decision to keep certain details under wraps has only fueled the excitement surrounding their campaign. CEO Zak Brown’s confidence is palpable, refusing to dismiss the possibility of clinching victories in the upcoming season. “As long as the development data is accurate I think we should start the season pretty strong. We see no reason why we can’t be winning races at some point over the year,” Brown stated.

The mystery deepened when Lando Norris, known for his quick wit and cheeky demeanor, was quizzed about the team’s secretive approach. With a sly smile, he simply responded, “Because we can.” Tobias Gruner, an esteemed correspondent for Auto Motor und Sport, shed some light on the intrigue. According to Gruner, a revolutionary mini-wing, cleverly positioned at the front end of the sidepod, remained hidden from the public eye until Norris and teammate Oscar Piastri took the car for its inaugural spin at Silverstone.

Gruner also noted that the launch photos cleverly obscured other crucial design elements, including the floor and suspension.

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