Official F1 Fan Voice results revealed

We thought this would be a very interesting share for you, the hardcore fan! The below was sent out in the from of a newsletter from the site. If you guys haven’t already done so, we highly recommend you sign up to their site.

Thank you to everyone who contributed on F1 Fan Voice in January, we asked you about your favourite F1 Drivers, Teams and Circuits, and also about Grid Penalties and Merchandise. Here are some of the highlights of what you told us…

Of the current crop of Drivers Lewis Hamilton was the favourite (21%) but the all-time favourite is Michael Schumacher with 23% of the vote. Ferrari are the favourite current team with 30% and also the favourite all-time team with 35% of that vote. We then asked you what your dream driver line-up would be:

We then asked your what your favourite Formula 1 circuit is – the overwhelming favourite is Spa, Belgium with 37% saying this is their favourite track.

We also asked you about Grid Penalties. You told us that your preferred options for Grid Penalties would be…

As ever your feedback will be looked at by the Formula 1 team and considered in decision-making going forwards.

We also asked you about how Formula 1 compares to other sports for you – for 84% of your F1 is your favourite sport. The next most popular sport for Fan Voice members is Football 11% and American Football 5%.

The main reasons you prefer Formula 1 to other sports is:

56% of you said you are likely to attend a Formula 1 race in 2019 – the next most likely to visit sporting event was a Football match with 34% likely to attend one of these.

We also asked you about F1 Merchandise in January – 68% of you have bought Formula 1 merchandise before – 59% of these bought an item at an F1 race, 34% in a store and 29% bought online. Nearly all of those who have bought F1 merchandise rated the quality as excellent or good (94%). The main reasons you gave for not buying F1 merchandise were:

This has all been fed back to the F1 team to use going forwards.
Find out more about how your feedback is being used in Matt’s latest F1 Research Team blog


Keep contributing on F1 Fan Voice for over the next few months for opportunities to win some more great prizes. Our latest best blog competition is still running, and you can win Paddock Passes if your blog wins – find out more details here.

We also have the Pat Symonds Q&A taking place next week so keep an eye out on Fan Voice for the exclusive video where Pat answers a selection of questions submitted by F1 Fan Voice members.

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