Red Bull reveals: Why they might stick with Perez in 2025

Dr Helmut Marko hints at Sergio Perez nearing a contract renewal with Red Bull for the upcoming 2025 season. Amidst speculations about Max Verstappen’s future with the team and his ability to outperform Perez, Red Bull remains a key player in the 2025 driver selection drama, often dubbed the ‘silly season’. Carlos Sainz, having claimed victory in Melbourne and recently parting ways with Ferrari, emerges as a strong contender for a seat.

F1 icon Hans-Joachim Stuck, in a conversation with Eurosport Germany, acknowledges Verstappen’s top status within Red Bull, suggesting that Verstappen’s preferences could influence teammate selections. “Verstappen is number 1 at Red Bull,” Stuck remarked, adding, “so perhaps he has a say in who his teammate is.” He further speculated, “If that is the case, I would assume that he is happy with Perez, because he has nothing to worry about.”

However, the stability Verstappen has enjoyed at Red Bull seems to be wavering. Lee Stevenson, his principal mechanic for many years, is parting ways with the team. In addition, there’s chatter about Adrian Newey receiving a lucrative offer from Aston Martin, sparking new rumors. These developments might hint at a potential shift in Red Bull’s operations, possibly moving the team’s Austrian base towards a future dominated by its Thai stakeholders. This shift could further affect the dynamics within the team, with implications for both Marko and possibly even Verstappen’s tenure with Red Bull.

“I’m flying to Japan,” Marko disclosed to Laola1, addressing the topic. When probed about the ongoing management power struggle, he stated, “For the Thai shareholders, everything is clear. Everything is fine for them.” The complexity of the situation was not lost on Marko, who admitted, “Whether anything else will come or not, I have no idea. It is a very complex matter that is difficult to understand.”

Regarding his position within F1, Marko shared, “There are always conversations and discussions,” revealing that Oliver Mintzlaff acts as his direct supervisor. Marko also mentioned that current priorities lie beyond his personal role, noting limited interactions with Chalerm Yoovidhya, Red Bull’s Thai majority owner. “The conversations usually go through the British lawyer Peter Blake-Turner,” he added.

As the narrative around Perez’s future unfolds, Marko appears cautious about introducing a new partner for Verstappen. “Sainz’s form is fascinating, of course,” Marko observed, acknowledging Perez’s commendable performance in the season’s first three races. He attributed Perez’s setback in Melbourne to a damaged floor and tyre wear, stating, “His only weak point is his qualifying. If he can improve his results there, we won’t need to think about replacing him. The atmosphere in the team is good and he feels comfortable here.”


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