Red Bull: Two quiet weekends amid an ongoing storm

Former F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone has declared that “Peace” reigns again at Red Bull, amidst the most recent period marked by less scandalous noise at their races in Melbourne and Japan. These events followed earlier weekends teemed with high-stakes drama due to an ongoing power clash, especially concerning team principal Christian Horner.

Although the atmosphere seemed calmer, there’s still considerable unrest stirring behind the scenes. This includes a forthcoming appeal this week, brought by a woman who has accused Horner.

Robert Doornbos, a past driver for the team, expressed his admiration for the team’s ability to perform under such pressures. He stated, “What is very impressive is that the drivers, mechanics, engineers, all managed to maintain this level of performance.” Despite this, Doornbos also highlighted ongoing internal tensions, remarking, “There’s still a lot of friction there. The process continues and there are different camps within the team now. At a certain point that becomes disastrous.”

He further commented on the potential repercussions of these rifts, saying, “When trust is lost, people start to determine their own futures.”

The situation is exacerbated by suspicions that Max Verstappen might be considering a switch to Mercedes, driven by concerns about Red Bull’s engine capabilities in face of the forthcoming 2026 regulations.

Doornbos also voiced concerns about the team’s future prospects, noting, “As it looks now, even though they have Ford, they don’t have enough power. As a smart driver, you want to catch the next wave that will be dominant.” He predicts, “That will be Mercedes, in my view. As a manufacturer, they have an advantage over a privateer. As a driver, you want to be with a factory team.”

Amid these swirling controversies, Ecclestone remains optimistic about the internal dynamics at Red Bull, citing a tranquil new phase within the team. “It’s peace in our time,” he declared, adding a personal note from Horner, “And Christian informs me everything’s fantastic with Geri. Max seems likely to stay, and it’s like all wars in so much as people get over things and move on. After not too long everyone forgets,” he shared with the Daily Mail.


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