RedBull set to domiate 2024 with unprecedented concept

The RB19 has indisputably established itself as a formidable force in Formula 1, with Red Bull’s commanding performance securing 19 out of the 20 grand prix victories during the F1 2023 season. Max Verstappen, claiming a record-breaking 17 wins, effortlessly clinched his third consecutive World Championship title.

In preparation for the F1 2024 season, Red Bull is poised to elevate its competitive edge with the anticipated RB20. Despite the widespread adoption of Red Bull’s downwash concept by other teams, the forthcoming RB20 is set to introduce a ‘radical’ change in how downforce is generated and distributed. Reports from La Gazzetta dello Sport suggest that the floor and venturi tunnels of the RB20 will operate in an alternative manner, pushing the boundaries of ground effect aerodynamics developed in the RB19.

The RB20 is described as a challenger that will take the innovative concepts pioneered in the RB19 to an ‘extreme’ level. Observers within the paddock anticipate that Red Bull is well-positioned to assert dominance once again in F1 2024, potentially ‘annihilating’ their rivals with the advanced capabilities of the RB20.

Despite the RB19’s overall strength, a notable weakness emerged during Friday qualifying at the Brazilian Grand Prix, where strong winds affected the car’s performance. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez reported that the RB19 felt ‘slowed down’ and ‘unbalanced’ in gusty conditions, reminiscent of potential ‘suspension damage.’ However, during the debrief, design chief Adrian Newey, participating remotely from the Classic 24 Hours at Daytona, assured that such issues would be mitigated significantly with the RB20.

Having amassed a remarkable 782 points in F1 2023, more than double the closest competitor Mercedes, Red Bull remains in a commanding position with two rounds remaining. Sergio Perez’s pursuit of a P2 finish in the Drivers’ Championship adds another dimension to Red Bull’s ambitions, as they aim for their first one-two result. The impending arrival of the RB20 further amplifies the anticipation, casting an ominous shadow over the competition as F1 looks ahead to the challenges of 2024.

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