Rising stars vs champion: Marko sees no threat to Verstappen’s reign

Red Bull’s top consultant, Dr. Helmut Marko, remains unfazed by the rising competition nipping at the heels of their star driver, Max Verstappen. In the ever-evolving world of Formula 1, new rivalries and challenges are always on the horizon, but Marko’s confidence in Verstappen remains steadfast.

The F1 community is abuzz with McLaren boss Zak Brown’s recent admission of his desire to secure Lando Norris for the long haul. Adding to the mix, former F1 figure Eddie Jordan shared his insights with Auto Bild, highlighting Charles Leclerc as a potential rival for Verstappen. Jordan paints the picture: “I only see one challenger for Max and that is Charles Leclerc. If I had a top team now and didn’t get Max, there would only be one driver pairing that would be able to take on the fight with Verstappen – Leclerc and, as a teammate, Lando Norris.”

However, Jordan also expressed skepticism about the abilities of seasoned drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso to keep pace with Verstappen, attributing it to their age. “I simply no longer trust Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, although they are well-deserved champions, to be able to keep up with Verstappen because of their age,” Jordan added.

Marko, however, isn’t losing sleep over these potential threats. Recognizing the talents of Leclerc and Norris, he said, “Leclerc and Norris are certainly exceptional talents.” Yet, he also notes their past inconsistencies. “Both have shown weaknesses in consistency in the past.” Marko’s confidence in Verstappen’s abilities and potential for growth is unwavering. “In addition, Max is not yet at his limit. He will get even better,” he stated. Marko’s focus is clear: to provide Verstappen with a car as formidable as the one in 2023. “It is our job to provide him with a car that is as good as the one in 2023,” Marko concluded, implying that if they succeed, Verstappen will continue to be the benchmark in F1.

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