Sainz health update: Walking without pain in Melbourne

Carlos Sainz has landed in Melbourne, gearing up for a comeback to his Ferrari seat after his emergency appendix operation forced him out of the Saudi Arabian GP. He was substituted by Oliver Bearman, the 18-year-old racing prodigy, in Saudi Arabia. Bearman is on standby once again for the upcoming race weekend.

Miguel Sanz of Marca newspaper reports a noticeable difference in Sainz’s condition upon his arrival in Melbourne compared to his state during the Saudi GP. Sanz observed that the 29-year-old, who is being replaced by Lewis Hamilton next year, is in “much better shape and spirit” and highlighted how Sainz was seen “with a calm, unforced walk, moving with ease through the airport.”

This observation comes as a positive sign, especially when recalling Sainz’s evident discomfort when he made a brief appearance in the Jeddah paddock shortly after his surgical procedure.

A significant hurdle awaits Sainz on Thursday at Albert Park, where he is scheduled for the FIA’s compulsory medical evaluations. Among these tests, the extraction exercise is particularly crucial. Sanz elaborates, “The most important one will surely be the cockpit extrication test.” This test demands that “The driver must be able to unbuckle the safety harness and remove the steering wheel in five seconds, then leave the car and return the wheel to its position in another five seconds.”

Passing these tests will be essential for Sainz as he aims to secure his spot on the grid for the Australian Grand Prix, with Bearman ready to step in if necessary.

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