Sainz opens up about emotional Ferrari departure

Carlos Sainz has shared his feelings about leaving Ferrari, describing himself as “a little down” as he processes the reality of his departure from the iconic team. The 29-year-old Spaniard, notable for being the only driver to defeat a Red Bull in the last two seasons, is set to be replaced by Lewis Hamilton at Maranello starting in 2025.

During a visit to the MotoGP event in Jerez, Sainz spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport’s Sportweek, revealing, “I have mixed feelings. I’m starting to see the growth of the (Ferrari) project now. The car is better and I have confidence driving it. That makes me happy for this year, but sad because we won’t continue the journey together. But that’s life. It wasn’t my decision, but maybe there will be better things to come.”

He described his recent experiences as “a rollercoaster,” feeling professionally fulfilled yet personally disappointed, “I’m up at the moment from a sporting point of view, but a little down because I wanted to stay at Ferrari.”

While a one-year deal with Mercedes for 2025 has been mentioned, Sainz is reportedly leaning towards a more stable, long-term opportunity with the newly Audi-owned Sauber team. He stated, “I have to see all the offers. In my head I haven’t decided where to go yet.”

Sainz remains optimistic about his career, affirming his readiness to continue competing at the highest level of motorsports. “With each passing season I feel like a better driver,” he remarked. “I’ve always wanted to be a good name to occupy the most important seats in Formula 1 and frankly I hope it goes that way for many more years.”

He concluded with a positive outlook, despite the uncertainties, “I smile when thinking about the future even if what happens doesn’t depend solely on me. All options are open, but it takes time and it won’t affect the way I race anyway.”


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