Sainz resigned to ‘wait’ for F1 title shot

Carlos Sainz admits he is taken his focus off winning the 2022 world championship.

Of the top two teams Red Bull and Ferrari, the Spaniard is the only one who is yet to win a grand prix so far this year – or at all in his Formula 1 career.

Sainz told Marca newspaper that it’s not because of a lack of intention.

“I go to every race aspiring for the first victory with the same motivation,” he said.

“It could have happened in Monaco but also in almost any race with a hair’s more luck. So you have to have the patience to stay calm even if you are not 100 percent with the car.”

In fact, the 27-year-old says he has never struggled so much to adapt to a new racing car, which means his focus on winning the drivers’ title has now shifted.

“In that sense my approach has changed a bit because it is true that I have distanced myself a lot in the world championship. From that perspective I prefer not to think about the championship,” Sainz said.

“I saw that I wasn’t comfortable enough with the car to go for poles and victories and perhaps wanting to win and be on pole made me make a few too many mistakes.

“My strength has always been perseverance and knowing how to wait for my moment, so I think it’s time to be a little more patient this year and wait until I feel a little more comfortable with the car.”

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