Sainz senior speaks out: Madrid in, Barcelona out for F1?

Carlos Sainz Sr., the famed rally driver, and his son, the Ferrari F1 star, both natives of Madrid, might soon cheer for a home race. Madrid is on the cusp of hosting a grand prix by 2026, stirring excitement and speculation.

“Having a grand prix in Spain is essential,” Sainz Sr. was quoted by the Spanish sports daily AS. He pondered over Spain’s F1 future, saying, “I don’t know if, in the end, there will be one or two. But if it is confirmed that becomes a reality that a grand prix is coming to Madrid, then I would be very happy, as you can imagine.”

Madrid’s proposed location for the race has Sainz Sr. thrilled: “In the place that has been chosen in Madrid for it, logistically speaking it would be unbeatable. Unbeatable in the world. And knowing what this city is like, it would be fantastic,” he added, emphasizing the city’s readiness.

The highlight, however, is the possibility of his son racing in their hometown. “If it comes and if Carlos is there at that moment, racing in F1, it would be something unique and fantastic. Racing in your own city is something that makes you very lucky. I think Carlos is going to enjoy that grand prix a lot,” he said, envisioning a proud moment for the family.

Yet, the prospect of Madrid’s entry into F1 raises questions about Barcelona’s fate. Sainz Sr. reflects, “Catalonia has had it for many years and they have enjoyed it. There is no written rule that says a grand prix always has to be in the same place. We have to remember that it was also in Jerez as well.”

While the idea of a Madrid GP simmers, no official announcement has been made. Amidst cautionary notes about procedural correctness from officials, Sainz Sr. remains hopeful: “I say that whoever has the decision, I am convinced that if it happens, it will be a complete success. It is also a private initiative so no one will be able to point to anyone and say that money is going to be wasted for this.”

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