Sainz’s father demands top F1 seat for his winning son in ’25

In a twist that’s setting the F1 paddock abuzz, Toto Wolff, echoing Christian Horner’s similar sentiments, has identified Carlos Sainz as a formidable contender for one of the premier race seats come 2025. Despite being the only driver to outperform Red Bull to clinch not one but two race wins in the past two seasons—a feat no other driver has achieved—Sainz finds himself without a confirmed seat for the upcoming year, an outcome that has left many, including F1 icon Hans-Joachim Stuck, bewildered.

Stuck, in disbelief over Ferrari’s decision to part ways with Sainz, voiced his perplexity to Eurosport, “I still wonder why Ferrari would dismiss a driver like him. Frederic Vasseur should be angry to have made that decision. I will never understand the switch from Sainz to (Lewis) Hamilton.”

Christian Horner, having witnessed Sainz’s triumph in Melbourne—a victory he secured whilst on the mend from appendicitis and subsequent surgery—admits the 29-year-old is very much in consideration for replacing Sergio Perez next year at Red Bull. Stuck believes that Sainz joining Red Bull could prompt Max Verstappen to push even harder, hinting at a potentially uneasy partnership, “It would make Max have to accelerate even more, which he can certainly do. I’m sure Max would sleep worse if he knew that Sainz is going to be his new teammate.”

Yet, it’s Fernando Alonso’s name that’s currently resonating louder within the Red Bull camp for 2025, given Daniel Ricciardo’s ongoing struggles and Yuki Tsunoda’s apparent disqualification as a leading candidate. “Tsunoda must improve even more if he can be considered,” asserts Dr. Helmut Marko.

Meanwhile, Alonso is also rumoured to be on Mercedes’ radar for 2025, though Wolff concedes that Verstappen would be his prime choice, were he available. Nonetheless, Wolff has now included Sainz in his considerations for the vacant seat, hinting at a diverse range of possibilities, “For all the drivers who are considered for this cockpit, there are good reasons why their signing would make sense for us – whether they are very young or very mature,” referring likely to his protégé Kimi Antonelli, alongside the ‘very mature’ Alonso, and now, “Also Carlos Sainz”.

Contradictorily, major German publication Bild claims that Wolff’s true focus might only be on Verstappen and Alonso, casting doubts on Sainz’s prospects.

Amidst this uncertainty, Carlos Sainz Sr., a rallying titan and this year’s Dakar champion, has been a constant presence at the grands prix so far this year, engaging with team principals, including a notable interaction with Wolff at Jeddah. On the heels of his son’s triumph in Melbourne, Sainz Sr. expressed to the Spanish broadcaster DAZN that the victory “comes at a good time,” emphasizing the critical period of decision-making for his son’s career, “Right now it is being decided where to race next year, with whom, and I hope he will have the opportunity to drive for a team that allows him to compete for victories,” underscoring the Sainz family’s aspirations for a competitive drive in 2025.


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