Sainz’s plan to dethrone Red Bull: Ferrari’s all-terrain strategy

Carlos Sainz of Ferrari has a clear vision for the team’s 2024 car: transform it into an all-rounder. This insight comes as Corriere dello Sport, an Italian sports newspaper, fuels anticipation with rumors of Ferrari’s next single-seater being publicly unveiled on February 13.

In an interview with Spanish broadcaster DAZN, Sainz highlighted the strengths of the 2023 Ferrari model. “I would definitely choose straight-line speed, braking performance, and the pace in shorter 90-degree curves,” he said. Sainz also praised the car’s handling over kerbs, acknowledging its robust features. “So the car had some very, very strong points,” he added.

However, Sainz pointed out that to compete effectively throughout the championship, Ferrari might need to sacrifice some of these specialized traits. “I think that if we want to have a good car for the whole championship, maybe we have to give up some of those traits to make sure that we are fast in every area – especially in the races,” he emphasized.

Despite finishing behind even Mercedes in the constructors’ championship this year, with both teams scoring less than half the points of the leading Red Bull team, Sainz remains optimistic about Ferrari’s prospects for 2024. He expressed confidence in the team’s ability to catch up, citing instances where Ferrari secured pole position significantly ahead of Red Bulls. “I trust this team,” Sainz stated. “I trust the ability we have at the factory to turn things around.”

Sainz’s focus is now on evolving the car’s capabilities, aiming for a more versatile performance. “It’s just that qualifying was a very specific feature of the car that it was really good at. We have to turn it into an all-terrain vehicle now,” he said with a smile.

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