Schumacher predicts Red Bull doom if Horner stays

Ralf Schumacher, a former Formula 1 driver, issued a stern warning, stating that under the leadership of Christian Horner, Red Bull is “falling apart.” This alarming development comes amidst strong indications that Adrian Newey is contemplating an early departure from Red Bull Racing, possibly before the end of 2024.

Currently, the future destination of Newey is fuelling intense speculation, with Aston Martin, Ferrari, and possibly Mercedes making significant financial overtures. This intrigue was heightened by reports from suggesting imminent discussions post-Miami Grand Prix between Max Verstappen and senior figures from Mercedes, including Toto Wolff, Verstappen’s management team Jos Verstappen and Raymond Vermeulen, along with Jim Ratcliffe and Ola Kallenius, leading stakeholders in Mercedes.

These discussions reportedly involve a staggering proposal of EUR 150 million annually to secure Verstappen, aged 26. The situation raises a poignant question, as queried by Italy’s Corriere dello Sport, “Verstappen and Newey – will Red Bull lose them both?”

In a conversation with Sky Deutschland, Schumacher emphasized the critical need for a harmonious working environment, which he believes is currently lacking at Red Bull, leading to its deterioration. He squarely blamed Horner, stating, “Christian Horner bears sole responsibility for this,” and harshly critiqued Horner’s desperate grip on his position, “He is clinging to power with all his might.”

Schumacher further predicted a grim future if the status quo is maintained, “I give Red Bull two more years and if they continue to hold on to Horner, the team will sink into mediocrity. I’m pretty sure of that,” he asserted.

Meanwhile, Ivan Capelli, another ex-Ferrari driver, feels that while Newey’s move to Ferrari is “unlikely,” the possibility remains that he could be persuaded if he is allowed to bring some of his closest colleagues with him.

Amidst these speculations and apparent internal discord, Dutch F1 journalist Erik van Haren notes that the facade of stability at Red Bull is obviously misleading. He argued in his De Telegraaf column that the optimists claiming tranquility at Red Bull are now compelled to reassess their stance, “Even those who fanatically declared that everything is fine again at Red Bull must now change tactic,” he noted.


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