Sirotkin opens up about Williams’ problems

Sirotkin opens up about Williams’ problems

Williams’ driver Sergey Sirotkin is having a bad rookie year in F1 and has revealed his biggest problem with the British outfit’s 2018 challenger.

By now, everyone on the grid knows that Williams has the worst car this season. Both Sirotkin and his teammate Lance Stroll have complaints against the car’s seating position.

Speaking with the Russian publication Drom, Sirotkin said: “A think a lot of time has passed now so no one will argue if I tell you,”

“The seat was never perfect but the main problem was the seatbelts. After the start of the race, they relaxed and at some point, if I didn’t fall out of the car it was good.”

The Russian admitting such a problem is a sad reminder of what has happened with the once formidable outfit.

“Almost nothing we have planned or hoped for has worked out,” he continued.

Jacques Villeneuve, the British outfit’s last title winner said the team is realistically “dead”.

The outfit’s spokeswoman refused to comment on the story.

The Grove-based outfit’s problem and the reason for it are not a secret. Tech chief Paddy Lowe and Deputy Team principal Claire Williams are being held responsible for the team’s terrible shape.

Speaking with the New York Times, Claire Williams admitted the 2018 car is “pretty horrible,”

She said: “If anyone had told me last season that what we are going through now was coming, then I would have been horrified.

“We never saw it coming. It’s like experiencing grief.”

Responding to the calls for a change, she said: “You are constantly looking at the team you have to ensure it operates as effectively and efficiently as it can, and that does sometimes involve some difficult decisions.”

But Lowe does not see a need to make any structural changes at the moment.

“I have some really great people around me,” he said. “There are some reinforcements needed, but we have the core of a really great team, so I think we are in a position to start turning in the right direction.”

But for Claire Williams, it is more than just a job. Her father and founder Sir Frank Williams has given her the responsibility of taking care of the team.

“Dad has really put his trust in me. I’m always worried he is going to tell me to go home, but he doesn’t,” she said.

Claire is a new mom, but her plans to spend more time with her first baby have still not materialised.

“This year was supposed to be my time and to enjoy my little boy and husband, and I haven’t been able to do that,” she said.

“I’m going to give it a damn good go, but then winning isn’t easy. It takes a huge amount from within you to be successful, and at the moment I’m testing myself to see whether I have that within me.”

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