Spa GP promoter in Bahrain for 2024 contract talks

Belgian GP promoter Vanessa Maes hopes to secure Spa-Francorchamps’ future on the Formula 1 calendar “in the weeks and months to come”.

It is one of the most historic and loved traditional stops on the grand prix schedule, but F1’s soaring popularity means rival promoters are keen to out-bid Spa for one of the coveted spots on the annual calendar.

The current contract expires after this year’s Belgian GP in late July.

“It is clear that places on the calendar are expensive,” Maes told the Belgian broadcaster RTBF.

“It was already very difficult for this year. We showed that we did an excellent job in 2022 but we also must look to the future.

“Formula 1 has presented us with their vision for the future and, very clearly, we tick all the boxes. F1 is also happy to know that we are supported by our country’s political leaders.

“In the weeks and months to come, we hope to sign for the next few years. We’re doing everything for that,” she added.

Maes was speaking in Bahrain, where the sport’s other current race promoters met with Formula 1 officials.

“We are obviously closer to the other European grands prix, but the promoters from the Middle East ask us a lot of questions,” she said.

“It was very important to be here because it allows us to see the other promoters, the journalists and Formula One Management. It is in these kinds of situations that we can move the discussions forward.”

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