Still ‘a lot to do’ to complete Saudi circuit

There is still “a lot to do” to get the new Jeddah street circuit ready for the forthcoming and inaugural Saudi Arabian GP.

Days ago, race boss Martin Whitaker responded to speculation following the emergence of footage depicting the circuit as resembling a construction site.

Saudi Arabia is set to be the next round on the 2021 world championship in December following the current international ‘triple header’.

“Construction remains on schedule and will be completed on time,” said Whitaker.

But now, F1 race director Michael Masi has admitted that organisers still have “a lot to do” before Formula 1 engines can fire up in Jeddah.

“I went to Jeddah a few weeks ago,” he said. “There was still a lot to do.

“Currently there is large-scale construction going on there, but the FIA and Formula 1 receive regular updates about the situation. I can say that progress is being made at a rapid pace.

“But there’s no point denying that there is still a lot to be done. Everyone admits it, but I am sure the race will take place,” Masi added.

One fear, however, is that Saudi officials will fast-track the construction to such an extent that corners will be cut.

“If we’re talking about the safety of the circuit, we have no concerns about that,” Masi said.

“I am quite certain that we are not even close to finding ourselves in a situation that the track does not meet the safety criteria.”

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