Stroll happy his son doesn’t have a ‘swollen head’

Lawrence Stroll is proud of his son’s achievement in racing and says the youngster stayed humble despite his wins.

Speaking with reporters, he said: “He has a great head on his shoulders, especially for a 19-year-old kid,”

“I’m most proud of how wonderful, humble, mature he is.

“A lot of these guys here in the paddock, their heads are quite swollen and very different. Lance doesn’t have any of that in him. That’s not in his DNA.”

Lance Stroll entered Formula 1 in 2017 after winning the European F3 title in 2016. He has been with Williams ever since his debut in the series and is expected to move to Force India next year.

The move is possible mainly because his billionaire dad led a group of investors in buying the almost bankrupt Force India outfit.

Stroll Sr. explained that buying the team was more to do with his love of racing than helping his son get a seat.

“I just think I’m a guy like any other guy,” he said. “Most guys love cars. I fell in love with them at a very early age. I had posters on my wall growing up of my favourite cars.”

The Canadian businessman admitted he passed on his love for the sport to his son.

“He used to accompany me [to races] as a young boy – four, five, six years old. We had an extremely close relationship then and we still do now. I guess that’s where he caught the bug.

“Then he started go-karting not far from here in Saint-Hilaire as a hobby, like kids play baseball or football or hockey.

“He took to it and had a passion for it. Obviously, a lot of talent, too. He won almost everything there was to win and he just really enjoyed driving.”

The Silverstone outfit is yet to name its drivers for 2019. It is widely believed they will choose Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll as their drivers for next season.

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