“Suck my b*lls?” Magnussen’s stance amid Hulk’s explosive Haas critique

In stark contrast to his teammate Nico Hulkenberg’s vocal critique of his team’s despair, Kevin Magnussen, the team’s veteran Danish dynamo, has chosen a path of restraint and introspection.

Nico Hulkenberg, the veteran German driver known for his super-straightforward approach, has not shied away from voicing his concerns in recent weeks. Although he only got called back to F1 after a forced sabbatical, he’s been demanding fundamental changes within the Haas organization, especially following the extreme disappointing performance of the newly launched and totally hapless ‘B’-spec car. “Gunther (Steiner) and the others in the management have to ask some serious questions and look at all areas,” Hulkenberg asserted. His demands are clear: “Does something need to change with the structure, personnel or something else?” Hulkenberg’s determination for improvement is palpable as he states, “I want to believe that it will happen in the coming weeks.”

In a marked contrast, Kevin Magnussen opts for a more measured tone. Speaking to Ekstra Bladet newspaper, a national daily, he expresses his reluctance to join Hulkenberg in the open criticism of their employer. “It doesn’t help the team at all to do that,” he insists, emphasizing the collective nature of the sport. “We all play a role and all have a responsibility.” Magnussen’s self-awareness is evident as he adds, “I don’t want to stand here and sound holy. I’m part of the problem, that’s how I see it. Just like every single team member at Haas.”

Despite their differing approaches, both drivers share a common sentiment: the disappointment of finishing dead last in the world championship. Magnussen candidly reveals his feelings, “It builds character and strengthens you. You become resilient in hard times. But no, it’s not something I enjoy.” His reflection on the season is somber, “I haven’t enjoyed this season very much.” Yet, he holds onto hope, “But there is always a new day, and next year another great opportunity that awaits us.”

Magnussen’s faith in the team’s potential remains unwavering, and in stark contrast to Hulkenberg’s austere perspective. “The team has shown potential for a long time. The talent and the potential in the team is great, honestly,” he affirms. His commitment to Haas’s future is clear, “So I want to be there to push that development and show what we are capable of.”

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