The reason Ferrari voted in favour of 2019 Aero rules

 The reason Ferrari voted in favour of 2019 Aero rules

The Formula 1 commission recently passed a last-minute vote on 2019 Aerodynamic rules. Several questions were raised about how they managed to do it since it looked like many teams were opposed to aero changes at this stage.

The secret was recently revealed by Motorsport Italy who confirmed that Ferrari and Mercedes voted in favour of the proposal in hopes that the FIA will take care of their concerns in the 2021 new engine rules.

F1 commission pushed in a few aerodynamic changes to encourage overtaking and wheel to wheel racing in its 2019 rules update package and the FIA’s World Council ratified the decisions last week.

According to the first reports, only the Mercedes powered team were in favour of the rule while the rest of the grid was opposed to it. So it was surprising to see the rule pass through four yes votes when Mercedes had only three.

But the reality turned out to be different. The dissenters were only four – Red Bull, Renault, McLaren and Toro Rosso. Ferrari and its customer teams voted for the proposal.

Ferrari group voting in the same lines as Mercedes is not a surprise as both of them vote similarly on almost all issues.

Motorsport believes the duo decided to bow down to the FIA because the 2019 rules are not a big issue when compared to the bigger battle that is yet to come, the 2021 engine rules. Both have invested heavily in the current formula and are hell-bent on maintaining the status quo of engine regulations. And they need the FIA on their side.

So bowing down to changes in 2019 would be a small price to pay if it gives them a better chance at retaining most of the current formula for the next round of technical regulations.

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