The second most wanted driver in F1 is…

The second most wanted driver in F1 is…

Max Verstappen continues to be Lewis Hamilton’s closest challenger in the team boss’s poll.

Every year, Autosport conducts an annual Team Principals’ Top 10 drivers survey to get a hang of the sentiments of the team bosses.

F1 bosses are asked to rank their top 10 drivers based on the current season’s on-track performance in a secret ballot.

 The whole process is done in anonymity to ensure the top men can give their opinion without worry of discovery. This year, all the team bosses except Maurizio Arrivabene took part in the ballot.

The ballot is counted and they award points in typical F1 race points format (25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1). This allows for easy comparison with previous year’s results.

Unsurprisingly, Hamilton emerged as every team boss’s top driver. Most team bosses considered 2018 to be the Brit’s best season to date and eight out of nine team bosses voted for him as the top driver.

Verstappen emerged as the second most sought-after driver this year once again, with 139 points while Sebastian Vettel remained the third favourite.

Fernando Alonso moved two places up from his 2017 place as the fourth best driver.

Other significant changes include Charles Leclerc debuting at the sixth most preferred driver, Esteban Ocon moving from fifth to ninth most favoured and Valtteri Bottas moving up two places.

 Here is the full list of the top 10 most sought-after drivers.

PositionDriverPointsPrevious year
1Lewis Hamilton218No change
2Max Verstappen139No change
3Sebastian Vettel105No change
4Fernando Alonso103Up 2
5Daniel Ricciardo85Down 1
6Charles Leclerc71New entry
7Kimi Raikkonen57No change
8Valtteri Bottas38Up 2
9Esteban Ocon27Down 4
10Nico Hulkenberg23Down 1


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