Valtteri Bottas: Eyeing the future amidst F1’s silly season

Valtteri Bottas, once a staple on the F1 podium alongside Lewis Hamilton, is now steering his career towards new horizons, keen not to fade into the backdrop of Formula 1’s ever-changing landscape. As the 2025 driver market heats up, Bottas is determined to ensure his name remains in the mix.

With a career that took a quieter turn post-Mercedes, Bottas has been anything but idle. The Finn’s focus has shifted towards amplifying his presence off the track, from social media ventures to non-F1 commercial pursuits, all while gearing up for another year with Sauber. Despite Sauber’s low-key pre-season presence, Bottas’s ambitions are anything but dim, highlighted by the team’s striking neon green livery.

As his current contract draws to a close, Bottas openly shares his aspirations for 2025, eyeing a pivotal role in Sauber’s transformation into a full works Audi team by 2026. “My priority, as I’ve said before, is to be in the Audi project,” Bottas reveals, highlighting the allure of being part of something both “tempting and ideal.”

Despite a challenging year and less visibility on the track, Bottas remains confident in his achievements and contributions to the sport. “I just hope people haven’t forgotten what I’ve already achieved – 67 podiums, 20 pole positions and so on,” he reflects, reminding us of his formidable track record.

With the driver market buzzing, especially after Hamilton’s surprise move to Ferrari for 2025, Bottas is keenly aware of the shifting sands. “Many drivers have contracts that are ending, including me,” he notes, anticipating a flurry of activity and opportunities on the horizon.

Bottas’s strategy is clear: start the season strong and let his performance do the talking, all while his team explores the best pathways forward. As F1’s silly season unfolds, Bottas is not just along for the ride; he’s actively shaping his future in the fast lane.

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