Vasseur finally explains: Why Sainz is out and Hamilton is in

Ferrari’s team boss, Frederic Vasseur, conceded that he positioned Carlos Sainz in a “difficult situation” this season. Despite this, he justified his decision to incorporate Lewis Hamilton into the squad starting from 2025.

Recently, Vasseur has been reticent when approached by journalists regarding Sainz’s looming exit and seven time world champion Hamilton’s integration. Speaking to Radio France, Vasseur highlighted the significance of Hamilton’s future involvement with Ferrari, stating, “Hamilton’s arrival is very important for the team.”

He elaborated on the benefits Hamilton will bring, including stability, extensive winning experience, and a remarkable career record, all of which are crucial for Ferrari’s progression and success. “In addition to the speed, he will bring calm to the team, experience from someone who has won a lot and an impressive track record. We need that at Ferrari to move forward and achieve more results,” Vasseur said.

He also expressed enthusiasm about the dynamics between Charles Leclerc and Hamilton, saying, “I’m also super happy because I’m convinced that Charles and Lewis will get along well.”

The situation has been notably tense for both Vasseur and Leclerc, as Sainz, who is set to leave against his will, has outperformed the sister car in the current season. Vasseur, discussing Hamilton’s influence on Leclerc from 2025, remarked, “It will help Charles as a driver.”

Moreover, Vasseur explained that Hamilton’s impact would extend beyond mere race or qualifying performance, influencing the team throughout the year. “Then it will not just be about performance in the car during qualifying or the race, but also about the total picture – so 365 days a year. And I think Lewis is an absolute master in this.”

Praising Sainz’s professionalism amid these challenging circumstances, Vasseur acknowledged his contributions to the team. He noted that despite the trials, Sainz and his team have been exemplary team players since the year’s start. “Since the beginning of this year, they have known how to keep playing the team game,” he stated, adding, “They did that very well in Australia. And in Japan we also asked them to switch positions because they were on different strategies.”

Vasseur further described the seamless execution of team orders during races, emphasizing the need for tranquility within the team. “That radio message lasted no longer than a quarter of a second and did not cause any discussions. We need that peace,” he concluded.


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