Vergne reveals Verstappen’s true feelings about Formula E

Despite being packed with major automakers, Formula E has faced criticism for not being as fast-paced as some might hope. However, Max Verstappen, a three-time world champion, views the series with at least some admiration, especially for its high talent level. “It’s not a category I would like to drive in myself in the future,” he stated openly. He also humorously criticised the recent Tokyo circuit, suggesting the designer “must have been drunk” while creating a track that included a “proper jump.”

Verstappen, though, enjoys watching the races, noting, “But I think from the driving and the racing, I always enjoy it because the talent in the series is very high and that makes it more exciting to watch. A couple of my friends are driving in there as well, so I always keep an eye on it.”

Jean-Eric Vergne, a former Formula 1 driver who competed with Toro Rosso and is now 33 years old, discussed Verstappen’s insightful views with Automoto in Italy. He praised Verstappen for his comprehensive understanding of Formula E, unlike others who may lack accurate knowledge. “Some other drivers don’t know what they are talking about,” Vergne commented. “Some just talk nonsense about Formula E. Verstappen watches all the races where possible and is friends with many of the Formula E drivers, so it’s nice to get this comment from him. Because of all the races he watches, and I know he watches everything, and all the races he does on the simulator, I think he understands quite well what we do with the cars,” he added. Vergne further explained the complexity of his current series, “I don’t know if we are the most technical, but it is certainly true that I have more homework to do in Formula E than in the WEC or F1.”

The Formula E grid boasts several ex-F1 drivers, including series leader Pascal Wehrlein, Stoffel Vandoorne, and Nyck de Vries, who recently re-joined after being sacked by Alpha Tauri.


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