Verstappen’s empire expands: New horizons beyond the F1 track

Max Verstappen isn’t just making waves on the Formula 1 track but also in the sphere of personal branding. His marketing team, an impressive ensemble of 35 people, is exploring horizons that stretch far beyond his current F1 career., steered by CEO Nico de Jong from a facility in Limburg, is not only focused on Verstappen’s immediate racing endeavors but also on shaping his brand well beyond his 2028 contract with Red Bull. Speaking to the Dutch magazine Formule 1, de Jong laid out the vision: “What makes this company unique is that it revolves around one person, who will sooner or later stop racing.”

A key facet of their operations is Racing, which supports drivers in lower categories. Interestingly, both Max and his father, Jos, have been personally testing a selection of these cars at the Portimao circuit this week. “It is not our ambition to close the doors here when Max stops racing,” de Jong emphasized, highlighting Max’s plans to eventually lead his own GT3 team.

The scope of their ambitions is vast, with de Jong stating, “If Max says I want to continue in fashion, then that is also an option. Or he continues with sim racing or karting centers. Or an F1 department store, that is also possible.” He expressed confidence in their ability to navigate the business landscape, whether it’s for one or multiple drivers.

However, de Jong sees a Max Verstappen fashion brand as less likely, contrasting his pure racing focus with the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Yuki Tsunoda, or Pierre Gasly. “That sounds more logical to me with men like Lewis Hamilton, Yuki Tsunoda or Pierre Gasly than with Max. Because Max is purely into racing, that’s what he lives for.”

For now, Verstappen remains laser-focused on his F1 career, with de Jong affirming, “Max is far from finished winning.”

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