Vettel pours water on latest F1 comeback rumours

Sebastian Vettel has firmly dismissed the latest rumours suggesting he’s planning a comeback to Formula 1. The celebrated four-time world champion recently tested Porsche’s hypercar, sparking speculations about his participation with the German brand at Le Mans in June. Despite these activities, Vettel made it clear to Bild, “There’s a lot going on at the moment, on and off the track. But Formula 1 is not an issue for me at the moment.”

At 36, Vettel admitted finding his Porsche test “quite fun” and maintains an open-minded “you never know” stance regarding his future in racing. However, he emphasized, “But the intention was never for me to stop and then start again.”

A significant factor in Vettel’s hesitation to return to the forefront of motorsport, including F1, is his dedication to his family. Speaking to RTL, he shared a tender moment, revealing, “Yes, sometimes it happens that one of the little ones says ‘daddy, don’t do that’, ‘Then you’d be away so much again’.” He expressed his contentment with spending quality time with his children, “I’ve also really enjoyed the time with the children. Maybe the mood will change again, but at the moment things are still going very well.”

Intriguingly, Vettel disclosed having a conversation with Mercedes’ Toto Wolff after Lewis Hamilton announced his switch to Ferrari next year. “We spoke on the phone,” Vettel said, “and of course we also talked about the fact that a lot is happening at Mercedes. But we didn’t specifically talk about me taking that place.”

Further conversations were hinted at during his interview with Sky Deutschland, where Vettel mentioned, “I’m still in contact with people who I’ve known directly or indirectly for so many years or who have been part of the circus. But we haven’t talked specifically about what the future might bring.”


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