Weathering the storm: Stroll’s 2024 ‘plan’ on track for now

Amidst the black skies in Brazil, Lance Stroll found a moment of redemption. With a qualifying performance that turned heads, the Canadian driver, often scrutinised for his place at Aston Martin and in Formula 1, asserted his intention to remain with the team in 2024. Stroll’s third-place achievement in qualifying was part luck, part strategy, as he and his teammate, Fernando Alonso, capitalised on the havoc wrought by unexpectedly fierce winds that tore through Interlagos, even ripping a grandstand’s roof off.

For Stroll, the high stakes of Formula 1 are familiar, his seat often shadowed by the spectre of nepotism due to his father Lawrence Stroll’s ownership of the team. The young driver is no stranger to criticism, confronting accusations of lacking the raw pace and passion expected of an F1 racer. But in Brazil, amidst the gusts and gloom, Stroll’s performance spoke volumes, “I still really felt like crap in the car,” he conceded, but “I think we made our own luck today.”

The future holds its own set of challenges, with whispers suggesting that Lawrence might be reconsidering the financial backing of his son’s career, and with familial pressures possibly nudging towards a total change in direction. Despite the rumor mill, Aston Martin’s commitment appears steadfast with Stroll and Alonso announced to continue their partnership into 2024. “I mean, the plan is I’m staying next year,” Stroll clarified.

“You know, it’s been a challenging season at times for sure. Some great highlights but also some really frustrating days recently. But the plan is to keep going next year for sure,” he added.

Alonso, caught in his own swirl of retirement rumors, found solace in the team’s qualifying success, with both cars locking out the second row. “We needed a good result for both cars here in Brazil to give the team hope. It shows we do know what we’re doing and I’m happy about that.”

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