Why does Haas object to three car teams?

Why does Haas object to three car teams?

Haas does not want to see three cars per team in Formula 1 because it “distorts” the championship fight and may confuse the fans.

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff is promoting three car teams as a way to give a chance to the younger drivers in their academy. But he is not getting a lot of support from other F1 teams to take it forward. There are questions about practicality, finance and other issues.

Haas boss Gunther Steiner’s argument against the idea for another reason. He believes that boosting the grid strength in this way would not get support from fans and may even confuse them.

“I’m not in agreement with a third car because it could confuse the whole picture,” says Steiner.

“It would be very difficult to understand for the fans and new spectators that sometimes a third car could run.

“It would distort the actual championship, in my opinion. I think we need to sit back and come up with a better idea.”

Haas does not find the idea appealing, especially from a financial side, unless an external party is ready to take up the cost.

“As it stands, we have no interest to field a third car. If somebody comes up and pays for it, yes we can consider it.

“Until that happens, there is no thinking about a third car for us.”

Red Bull boss Christian Horner called the idea ‘Interesting’ but difficult to implement in practice.

It all started because Wolff is finding it hard to find good race seats for Esteban Ocon and upcoming F2 driver George Russell. Due to his contract with Mercedes, Ocon is finding it hard to find a good seat for 2019 and may end up in a reserve driver role at the Silver Arrows outfit.



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TommaHawk79 Gaming

@MercedesAMGF1 could alternate Grand Prix’s for Ocon and Bottas its not like they will ever let anyone… https://t.co/ttwh9o7AiD

Anthony Peros

I thought the majority of teams objected to the “3 car teams” proposal when it was mentioned a few years back! I am hoping Liberty Media are thinking more about how to distinguish the difference between the car and the driver being the most important aspect to “actual racing”, than the dogturd spectacle we are being served up at the moment for our dollars! We are seeing the 2 dominant power units leave everyone else behind…..and even they are not really racing each other….Mercedes have been sandbagging since this season started. #:/