Wolff’s texts to Vettel exposed: F1 comeback in the works?

Toto Wolff, Mercedes’ mastermind, has thrown the Formula 1 world a curveball by not dismissing the idea of Sebastian Vettel, a towering figure in the sport’s history, stepping into Lewis Hamilton’s shoes for the 2025 season. Hamilton’s anticipated departure to Ferrari has set the stage for speculation, with Vettel, at 36, potentially eyeing a dramatic return to the grid.

Vettel, speaking to Neue Zurcher Zeitung, played it cool about direct communication with Wolff, noting, “Toto Wolff hasn’t called me,” yet revealing a cryptic exchange of texts between them. Despite the buzz, Vettel maintains a zen-like focus on his current life beyond the racetrack, “So far it’s not an issue for me, also because at 36 I still have plenty of time.”

The German’s hiatus from the sport following a challenging tenure at Aston Martin hasn’t dampened his spirits or his connection to the racing world. “I think I have learned and understood a lot in this one year without racing, including about myself,” Vettel reflects, highlighting personal growth and introspection during his time away.

Pressed on a definitive answer about a comeback, Vettel leaves the door intriguingly ajar, “No,” he responds to a clear ‘no’ on returning, hinting at a future where the allure of the F1 circus might once again prove irresistible. “There’s no firm no, no firm yes,” he adds, underlining his openness to possibilities, underscored by his proactive step to maintain his racing license with an upcoming “medical check.”

Wolff, in his comments to Sky Deutschland, acknowledged Vettel’s enduring prowess and stature, “Sebastian is a great guy and a giant of this sport.” The Mercedes strategist is playing the long game, weighing the merits of experience versus the vigor of youth, as the team contemplates its future direction.

In this high-stakes chess game, Mick Schumacher also remains a piece on Wolff’s board, “Mick is also part of it,” Wolff admits, albeit with a touch of empathy for Schumacher’s position in the frenzied driver market.

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